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Career Scope in Engineering 2020

Today we will read about Career Scope in Engineering and What is an engineering? in this blog. And at the same time read about engineering.

Career Scope in Engineering
Career Scope in Engineering
After completing the second test, the largest test begins to choose the student's career option. However, most students prefer their career choice until after the tenth. According to this, on 11-12, they choose the subject - stream - faculty. 

If you have taken the 12th exam knowing you has many career options. You still definitely see the way to result 12. After the 12th science has passed, all students want to take engineering courses

After that it becomes easy to get a government or private job. This means that both options remain with you. This is why engineering is considered the best career option after 12 years.

What is engineering?

Engineering is an art of building and creating different structures, machines, buildings and other inventions. Engineering is the base of human existence, the smallest object we use like a calculator to transportation, communication, and agricultural activities etc. All these activities are possible because of engineering marvels and inventions. The professionals who invent, analyses, build, plan, test the equipment’s/machines/ systems and execute this process are the engineers.

Other duties that the engineers perform include recommending materials and processes, supervise the manufacturing and construction, conduct failure analysis, provide consultancy and teach in colleges and other institutions.

Engineering is based on the principles of science; physics, chemistry, math, Biology, computer science etc. Each field of engineering uses the principles based on these subjects. Which often leads to overlapping among different specialties?

What is Difference between Be and B.Tech ?

Difference between Be and BTech

Be mean Bachelor of Engineering, while B.Tech means Bachelor of Technology. In traditional engineering fields based on civil and mechanical engineering, a bachelor's degree is known as BE, while technology-based courses (especially computer technologies) are known as B.Tech. By the way, these are complementary to each other - supplementary names and their equivalent - and both courses are four years long.

Need qualification for engineering?

Going through any path of engineering is not easy. Along with science - math, your English must be strong, too. To obtain an addition to the B.E or B.Tech Engineering course, it is necessary to obtain a 12 degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Students who appear on the 12th exam can join it, but a test is taken."Entrance". The addition was finally found after passing the entrance examination. On the entrance examination, you must pass the IIT-JEE, AIEEEE Test.

Best Career Options in Engineering

Best Career Options in Engineering
Best Career Options in Engineering
Engineering has always been a hot topic among students, as many career options open after the Bachelor of Engineering.
After completing the course, Indian Engineering Service, PSU, can get an excellent job in the private sector. If you are going to enter engineering, know here what are the best options for you.

How many Types of engineering? Explain Engineering Branches

The engineering fields are very large. And today we will describe in the details of branch of engineering.

What is Aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering
Aeronautical engineering
12th Science (Maths) students can enter the B.E / B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering course or they can also take a diploma in Aeronautics. 
The Degree courses in Aeronautics and Postgraduate are available in several universities and IIT. Many polytechnics offer diploma courses in aviation. Some institutes in the country also offer postgraduate (M.Tech) and doctorate (Ph.D.) programs in aviation. 
The B.E / B.Tech course in aeronautical engineering is four years, while the duration of the diploma is two to three years. Aeronautical engineers can look for work in government and on private airlines. In addition to this, the works can also be found in the National Aeronautical Laboratory, the Organization of Aeronautical Development, ISRO, etc.

What is Agricultural & Food Engineering?

Agricultural and Food Engineering
Agricultural and Food Engineering
For admission to Agricultural Engineering, the 12th must-have subjects as a subject of Science, which in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology. Most agricultural institutes and universities perform entrance tests for admission to BE / BTech programs of agricultural engineers. 

Agricultural engineering course duration is 4 years. A diploma course can also be done in this. In some institutes, admission is also based on XII brands. Today the opportunity in this field is no less. Expert professionals can look for jobs in the fields of production, sales, management, research, etc.

What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile Engineering
Automobile Engineering
These days, the demand for car engineers has increased a lot. You can do B.Tech in the design course (four years) of IIT (Guwahati).

The National Design Institute (NID), Ahmadabad, offers a four-year program in industrial design. After 12th (PCM) in all these courses, the JEE Mains and Advanced qualification can be admitted. One can get a master's degree (two years) in industrial design from IIT, Delhi. IIT, Kanpur (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) offers a 2-year master's course in industrial design. In addition, you can obtain a master's degree (two years) in Industrial Design from the Center for Industrial Design, IIT-Mumbai. Genetic engineering.

To enter this course, it is necessary to pass the 12th of Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Currently, a separate course for genetic engineering is not offered in most universities and institutes, but studies in biotechnology, microbiology, and biochemistry as a complement. One can specialize in genetic engineering in undergraduate and postgraduate biotechnology. Entry to the postgraduate course BE / BTech, is based on the entrance exam. Job opportunities are growing rapidly for genetic engineers in India and abroad. Medical and pharmaceutical companies, the agricultural sector, private and governmental research and development centres can get jobs. Teaching can also be tested as a career option.

What is Fire Engineering?

Fire Engineering
Fire Engineering

For admission to the Fire Engineering course, it is necessary to have passed the 12th with Science subjects. In addition to this, many institutes also perform entrance exams and interviews nationwide for admission to these courses. You can also take a Certificate and Diploma course related to Fire Engineering. During the course there are several methods to extinguish the fire. Fitness marks are also added to these courses. According to ZS Lakra, director of the Faculty of Fire and Safety Engineering of Delhi, there is great potential in the public and government sector for professionals associated with fire engineering. Associate professionals in this field can look for jobs in Railways, Indian Airports Authority, De-fence Force, Electricity Board, ONGC, Mines, Refineries, Petrochemical Complex, etc.

What is Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
To make a career in computer science you must have a good understanding of mathematics and science (physics, chemistry). After performing BE or B.Tech in this branch, after graduation can be done meaning ME / M.Tech. There are good prospects for computer engineers at home and abroad. They design, developed, and maintain soft-ware. People associated with this field get jobs in software and IT companies. Computer engineers with their team design and develop computers using mathematics and science. Professionals working with computer components are usually called hardware engineers and those who work with computer software are called software engineers.

What is Mining Engineering?

 For admission to the Mining Engineering course, the 12th Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry pass is necessary. For admission to mining engineering, it is necessary to pass an entrance exam like JEE. After completing the course, one can explore job opportunities at Steel Authority of India Limited, Coal India Limited, IPCL, Navali Lignite Corporation, Uranium Corporation of India, etc. In addition to this, there is also much scope in research and teaching.

What is Petroleum Engineering?

These days, there is a huge demand for petroleum engineers. Like other engineering disciplines, students must pass the twelfth science (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) for admission to petroleum engineering. To be admitted to this course, it is necessary to pass JEE. After completing the course, you can search for jobs in Indian Oil, Oil India Limited, HPCL, ONGC, BP, and others.

What is Mechanical engineering?

Related to designing, manufacturing, inspection and maintenance of machinery and other equipment’s.

What is Electrical engineering?

 Engineers in this field are endowed with the responsibility to design, test, manufacture, control and monitor the different electronic devices.

What is Civil engineering?

Civil engineers are responsible for the building and creating bridges, building, dams, tunnels etc. they are responsible for building and creating various infrastructures.

What is Chemical engineering?

They create new materials by designing equipment’s, systems and processes that can refine raw materials into something new and useful by mixing, compounding and applying the right process.

What is Nuclear engineering?

Involves design, manufacturing, construction, operation and testing of equipment, systems and processes involving the production, control and detection of nuclear radiation. Nuclear engineering also includes monitoring and protecting humans from the potentially harmful effects of radiation.

What is Structural engineering?

 Large commercial building, bridges and other infrastructure need maintenance and inspection. Apart from this the structural engineers also look into the construction and designing of these structures.

What is Biomedical engineering?

They are involved in the production and designing of medical equipment’s. Computer engineering- designing of computer software, systems and networks is the work of computer engineers.

What is Environmental engineering?

Environment engineers are responsible for preventing, reducing and elimination sources of various types of pollution by detecting and measuring the impact of various pollutants. They also ensure rehabilitation of polluted site and ensure compliance with the regulations.

Some more Engineering Branches

•    Robotics Engineering
•    Textile Engineering
•    Thermal Engineering
•    Printing Technology
•    Metallurgical Engineering
•    Nanotechnology
•    Ocean Engineering
•    Pharmaceutical Engineering
•    Production & Industrial Engineering
•    Electronics & Communication Engineering -
•    Energy Science & Engineering
•    Genetic Engineering
•    Geo Science Engineering
•    Instrumentation Engineering
•    IT Engineering
•    Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
•    Ceramic Engineering

Skills required being an Engineer:

•    To be a team player- learn to work with a team
•    In depth knowledge of the specific field
•    To work on-site
•    To think critically
•    Good communication skills
•    Must possess problem solving skills
•    To be able to suggest new and creative ideas
•    Must be a rational thinker
•    Should apply the logical decision making skills.

Placement Criteria for engineering

There will hardly be an area where machines or mechanical equipment are not used. Mechanics students get an easy placement. For which universities and institutes decide on what basis the students will be selected for placement.

How to make a career in engineering

There are many options to make a career in the engineering line. Since there are many branches in the engineering line, according to the number of branches, there will be many job options as well. At the top you are given a list of all branches of engineering, then according to the same branch, whatever branch you do in engineering, you will be employed in the same field. For example, if you do your engineering from the electrical branch, you can hear any one of the many job options in the electric field. Likewise, a lot of jobs are also done in the computer sector.

What to Do After Engineering?

What to Do After Engineering
What to Do After Engineering?
Here are some options for engineering students to choose upon completing their undergraduate studies.

A) They get a job. Some join the multinationals, others join the startups. The advantage of working right after university is that you have more time to think about your career choices.
In addition, a few tend to work on their startup ideas. If you feel that you are one of the few chosen to have the ability to build a profitable company, this option is for you.

B) Pursuing a degree in Business Administration such as MBA. One of the safest and highest safety-generation options among this group is obtaining an MBA. If you've always felt stuttering in engineering and feeling drawn to the commercial side of things, this option is for you.

C) Obtain a MS / M.Tech / MIS degree. This is a good idea for someone who has always had a passion for engineering and in the future and wanted to pursue research and / or appointment to a technical position in a reputable company.
Regardless of these options, some students decide to study for civil service exams, while some decide to pursue their passion. For an engineer, the sky is the limit!

Engineer salary in India

The salary of the engineer depends on his job in whatever field he does, so that if the software engineer works, his annual income will be about seven lakhs. Likewise, if someone is working in the mechanical field, their annual income will be close to three to four lakhs, then the salaries of all engineers depend on his work and his job depends on his position and some examples are given below.

Mechanical engineer salary = about 4 lakh annually

Civil engineer salary in India = around 3-4 lakh a year

Computer engineer salary = Computer engineer salary is more dependent on his experience as a new computer engineer will earn about 25,000 to 30,000 dollars per month and if his experience continues, his salary will also increase with some computer engineers salary up to one month.

Electrical engineer salary in India = about 3-4 lakh a year

Salary engineer in India = about 5-15 lakh annually


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