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What is Digital Marketing and how to do digital marketing course?


Digital marketing is a term of marketing in which the marketing of products and services is done through digital technology. Digital marketing techniques mostly use the below mentioned methods. Today's phase is changing very fast, so it is important for everyone to know what digital marketing is (What is Digital Marketing?). The world is becoming digital and everyone is beginning to feel its need. Many companies now hire digital marketing experts separately so that they can spread their business through digital medium. But here also comes the question that people who are aware of this already know that.

Digital marketing
Digital marketing service

What is Digital Marketing

Technology has now gone so far that today the whole story of marketing has changed. Now more publicity than TV and newspaper goes for viewing through internet on mobile and desktop. Today the market of Digital Marketing is growing very fast. With this help, people can easily reach their brand and image to the people. Its demand is also very high in many companies.
Given this, many people today want to know and learn it. Many people have asked me when will you tell about digital marketing on your blog? If you take a lot of interest in technology, then you will understand it very quickly.

Today Important of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most efficient skill today. The digital marketing domain has over 2 lakh jobs in India (as of 2017). Many business owners set out to create a digital marketing team to promote their services. In Digital marketing industry expected to generate more than 2.5 million jobs by the year 2021.Therefore, the future of career in this industry certainly looks promising. Be it big players or small start-ups, all companies are investing heavily in digital marketing activities. They are looking for people who can develop and implement digital marketing strategies that fit their needs.
Facebook is India's premier social networking platform and is a part of everyday life for many people. In 2020, the number of Facebook users in India is expected to reach 26.2 million. In that time Facebook do businesses of all levels to easily promote brand, products and services. Internet has become a very important part of every Indian's life in today's date. This is why it is very important to know digital marketing.

What is different between Digital Marketing and Marketing?

Digital marketing and marketing are different from each other in many ways, products and brands are promoted in HD through electronic medium. Digital marketing has a unique advantage that helps us to understand which method is proving to be very impressed in our way and which is not and we can understand this thing by publicity.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is made up of two words, the first is digital and the second is marketing here. It means to say digital that electronic devices which can be connected to the Internet through it can be connected to anyone from any part of the world. What digital marketing does is very closely monitor the process we go through to promote the products, how often the promotions are seen, when they are seen and for how long, as well as how much of the product goes on sale and We know all the things that the content we are providing and which is not.


Marketing means promoting the service. That is, to spread your product and service to the customer using many mediums.
So if we have seen the total here, then we can understand that digital marketing is a way of spreading the online marketing thing to the people of the world through electronic device and internet. In the same way, they can promote shops, products and services through newspapers, posters and banners.This is the propaganda system of the new generation; Careers can be given information about propaganda to maximum people in the shortest time and by making it popular, success can be achieved. This is the reason why today we see many types of advertisements in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and website etc. every day and it comes under digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine optimization (SEO)
2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
3. Social Media Marketing (SMO)
4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
5. Content marketing
6. Affiliate Marketing
7. Influencer Marketing
8. Email Marketing
9. Inbound marketing
10.Marketing automation

  • what is Search Engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is process to improve website ranking and increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. Through search engine optimization, we rank our website in the search engine results page. In this way, the more organic traffic we do, the more benefit we will get from search engine optimization. There are 2 ways on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Search Engine optimization is very long topic so we will discuse on it ons more blog topic.

  • what is Search Engine Marketing(SEM)?

Search engine marketing is a type of Internet marketing in this include the promotion of websites by increase website visibility in the google search engine results pages almost this through paid advertising. Search engine marketing, which we call SMB in short, is a process through which we buy space for advertising in the search engine results page. For this, we use Google Ads, Bing Ads etc. which are common stomach platforms.

  • What is Social Media Marketing (SMO)?

Today social media has become a very popular for marketing place. But do you know what the ins and outs are? Social media marketing increases your exposure. This gives you a very easy way to reach consumers. By using this you can get very valuable customer feedback and through which you can provide products and service to your customers or ways.

If you are marketing a product or service with the help of social media website or application, then it will come under social media marketing. Social media is the most powerful marketing medium of this time. The main reason for this is that most people spend their time on social media. Many types of his ads are also seen during social media surfing. All these ads are planned according to the user's preference. Although there are many platforms for social media marketing, let us know the best platform

When you post good quality content, you can reach most people through social media marketing. In this way, the way we use to spread their traffic and business through social media is called social media marketing. Whenever you are on twitter Instagram, it is called social media marketing.

There is some popular marketing platform of Social Media Marketing
a.)  Facebook Marketing
b.)  Twiter Marketing
c.)  Instagram Marketing
d.)  Pinterest Marketing
e.)  LinkedIn Marketing 
  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay per click is a way to bring traffic to the website in which publishers are paid per click on ad. For this, most people use Google Ads in which company’s pay Google per click to come to the site, such apps can be seen on the Google search engine results page.

  • What is Content marketing?

When we prepare the content of very good quality for our users so that we have a good sale and lead generation. This also causes our brand value and traffic. Content marketing works very well as it comes under both search engine optimization and social media marketing.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

Such a process in which money is received in exchange for converts is called affiliate marketing. Once you think, when you speak a product or service to a sales person, we give it to you. Applet gets commission. This means that you do not have to pay money for this, the blogger and e-commerce website uses affiliate marketing, which he earns a lot of money.

  • What is Influencer Marketing?

Today as many big and successful brands, we do use this marketing. Influencer Marketing creates a class for your product. To do this type of marketing, one has to resort to celebrities. On the profile of celebrities who have a lot of fan on social media, their product is shown in such a way that it seems that our product also uses this great personality. With this, their fans also start buying that product. Celebrities also get a lot of money for this promotion.

  • What is Email Marketing?

The number of email subscribers you get through email marketing, you keep giving regular updates about your company, what happens is that what we subscribe to is that which keeps us towards our brand and also increases the loyalty of the brand. Email marketing is considered to be one in which you increase subscribers through your content and increase it by paying money. When a visitor comes to your site and subscribes to the email newsletter by himself. This means that he has a lot of trust in your content and he likes your content very much. Due to this royalty, he will become your regular subscriber, visiting your blog on a regular basis whenever an updated email from your blog reaches him.

  • What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation means when we use software to carry out our basic marketing operation, you repeat when the time comes. We can use this kind of marketing in many places.

a.) e-mail newsletter
b.) Social media post scheduling
c.) Lead nurturing workflow
d.) Project Tracking and Reporting
  • What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method in which every customer’s shopping journey engages him at every stage and keeps him happy. You can use all the above-mentioned tactics for this and build trust. 

Hello, friends l hope that through this post you must have understood the importance of digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing and its importance has also been understood. Many people still hesitate to make this field a profession, but the person who wants to achieve success has to take a step for himself always. If you liked this post, then please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.





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