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Government Jobs after 10th Pass in 2020 | 10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी, Sarkari Naukri


Job for tenth pass, 10th pass government jobs for unemployed, Government  job after 10th pass (10th Pass Govt Jobs, Sarkari Naukri) After tenth pass, they get jobs in these fields.

Our country is currently struggling with the problem of unemployment. India is a huge country and its population is also huge and that is the reason why people do not have any kind of job. In a family here, there is the only one who earns and the rest are eaters. The situation now is that due to engineering unemployment, he is sitting at home. This is the reason why only those who have passed 10th class feel that what we will get when so many educated people are not getting jobs. That is why I thought that today through this post; you should be told what the jobs for 10th pass are. Are there available for (10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी) in our country? Such questions revolve in the minds of many people. So I would like to tell you that yes Government job is also available for 10th pass.

10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी
10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी

When a matriculated person desires to do a job and gets a government job, then silver is silver for him. It is often seen that even more educated people are sitting unemployed. Therefore, those who are less educated people do not even expect and do not even know that (10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी) can be available in 2019. Many people are very fond of going on the railway. It is known that there are many grades in government jobs which are based on educational qualifications. Those who are less educated are put in the lower grade and those who are more educated are put in the higher grade.

In today's time, education has become the most important thing. It is not possible to imagine a good life without studies. We need the knowledge to do anything and we can get that knowledge only by studying. Good education also helps in improving the life of any person and making him a better person. With the help of education, we can see life in a better way. It helps to make us not only mentally skilled but also financially competent. Education brings maturity to a person.

We have talked about why education is important, we know that it is the most important thing, but today there are many people who are deprived of the wealth of education. Sometimes people give up studies themselves, sometimes their circumstances make them quit.

Finally, people come who are half-educated and not half-educated. By half-educated and half-untouchable, we mean those who study, but after studying till 10th, they leave the study. Even then, he wants to do a government job. Now you must be wondering what government job can be done even after passing 10th. Through today's post, we will tell you about the jobs that are required to pass 10th class.

Are you looking for a government job,( क्या आप सरकारी नौकरी की तलाश कर रहे हैं?)

Are you 10th pass and looking for a government job? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Today I will tell you which government job is better for you and you can do in India after passing 10th class.

10th pass government job
Are you looking for a government job
Students or unemployed who are looking for a government job, they no longer need to be disappointed. Because we will help you with this special work and will give you accurate information about government jobs in different departments. 

10th Pass different Govt Jobs (10वीं पास के लिए सरकारी नौकरियां)

10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी 2019: Candidates can choose the job they want by taking a look at various opportunities. (10 वीं पास सरकारी नौकरी 2019) in various government sectors like Indian Army, Indian Navy, Railways, Coast Guard, SSC, UPSC, (रेलवे सुरक्षा बल) (RPF), (बैंकिंग, पुलिस विभाग ) and - Delhi Police, UP Police, Government Ministry Departments like – (केंद्रीय रिजर्व पुलिस बल), Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, Border Security Force, (सशस्त्र सीमा बल), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), (इंडिया रिजर्व बटालियन) (IRB), Assam Rifles, Government Universities, Sir Kari is leaving jobs for various government vacancies in public sector units. You can also work in (नगर निगम), (डाक विभाग) and (वन मंडल), etc. People can get different types of jobs in these areas.

So let's see what government jobs are there for 10th pass one by one

  • Air Force, Army, and Navy (वायुसेना, आर्मीऔर नेवी)

In the Air Force, Army and Navy, there are many positions in the jobs of general duty, handicraftsman, electrician, fitter, mechanic, welder, painter, tailor, washerman and cook. Every year, new recruitment keeps coming in the (भारतीय नौसेना). This year also Indian navy recruitment 2020 is going to be done, you should get notifications so that you will be able to find a better career for yourself. To get admitted to the Indian Navy, first, you have to go to its official website. There you will be given information about the latest vacancy, admission process, selection process, exam pattern, exam syllabus, exam fee details, etc. In the posts found under the Indian Navy, mainly the job of the fire engine driver, scavenger, etc. is given.

  • You can apply for a job for ITBP by 10th passing (भारत-तिब्बत सीमा पुलिस)

But keep in mind that you can apply for constable only by 10th passing. When you apply for the constable, then your age should be 18 to 23 years. First of all, you have to pass the written test, followed by the physical test. After getting a job, you can get a chance to earn up to 20 thousand rupees. About Eighty-nine thousand people working on it and that capacity are being increased every year.

From time to time, the government keeps organizing different types of recruitments from time to time. The government requires additional police force at the time of elections and conducts a large amount of recruitment. If you are a 10th then you can apply for the job of constable in your state police.

  • RRB - Railway Recruitment Board (रेलवे नियुक्ति संस्था)

RRB- Railway Recruitment Board (Railway Recruitment 2019-20) brings out a lot of vacancy for the whole of India every year so that the candidate can get recruitment in it. A lot of vacancies are vacant from all over the country and the Railway Recruitment Board works to fill the vacancies and select candidates through exams and a selection process.
There are many posts here, for which experienced as well as pressure candidates can apply. Under this also there are many departments and which are given to the candidates as posts on the basis of qualification.

Forest guard, forest watcher, multi-tasking staff, sweeper, etc. are given jobs in many other departments. In the forest department also, 10th Pass has very good jobs for the people. This area is also huge and there are a lot of posts, there are more chances of getting your job, whenever the job notification comes from the government, you must apply for it and try your luck. We have told some jobs in which he wants to try his luck but we will advise you that you should not only study till ten but also beyond it. There is no age of education, you can do any of these jobs and do your studies.

  • Postal Department, (पोस्टल विभाग)

In the postal department, postman, mail guard, rural post servant, motor vehicle driver, multi-tasking staff, etc. In the post office too, there are many jobs for the people of 10th, by which you can fulfill your dream of joining the government sector. But in this field, you can get only jobs up to the clerk, postman. Because like other sectors.  you will have to study more for higher posts in it.

  • Bank Jobs for 10th pass (बैंक नौकरियां)

Many types of jobs are available in the bank for those who are only matriculating. How many qualified employees are recruited as Lower Division Clerk under the bank? If you feel that there is no type of job in the bank in this education, then today you must have understood that you too can get a job in the bank. Apart from all this, there are many types of jobs like cleaning workers, clerks, etc.

  • Job in Anganwadi (आंगनवाड़ी में नौकरी)

After 10th passing, you can apply for different types of jobs in (आंगनवाड़ी ). You will also get a chance to live your dream by giving a government job. You can get teacher, helper and worker jobs in (आंगनवाड़ी ) by 10th passing. For this job, you can get information from (आंगनवाड़ी केंद्र) associated with your area online.

Salary to 10th passes candidates (10 वीं पास उम्मीदवारों को वेतन)

They are given different salaries in each region, but in most departments, salaries range from Rs 5200 to 20200 per month. Apart from this, other facilities are given separately according to the (सरकारी विभाग).

10th Pass Private Job (10 वीं पास प्राइवेट नौकरी- 10 वीं पास)

You do not need to pass any exam like government jobs to do non-government or private jobs. Most important in this is your skills inside you which make you workable in different fields. But you have to keep in mind that for non-government jobs, you get less money than government jobs.

Due to the problem of unemployment, the expectation from the government job has been completely removed among the people, but those who are the tenth pass do not expect any kind of job. The biggest reason for this is that more educated people stand in line than them. When there are more educated people than you in competition, you feel that you will not be able to get a job because that will be given only to those who are more educated. But for your information, let me tell you that there are many such jobs which are available but people are not aware of it and other things which is more educated people, they do not want to do this level job at all.

  • Call center Job after 10th (कॉल सेंटर जॉब)

A very good option for students who pass matriculation is that they join as a call center part-time job. Initially, people do it initially only as part-time, but some people also get success in it and then they make a career in it. Thus, later on, he starts working as a team leader and takes the promotion and goes to a good position.

  • Salesman's job after 10th (सेल्समैन की नौकरी)

If you are the tenth pass and you are expert in talking, then you can work as a salesman for any company. In a salesman's job, you just have to sell the products of any brand from house to house or promote them. Newspapers are often used in salesmen for salesmen. This can be a good option for you because many companies give a good salary for a salesman's job, which is around 15000 rupees a month. Along with this, it also has very good incentives.

  • Delivery Boy job after 10th (डिलीवरी बॉय की नौकरी)

Although you do not need any special degree for this job, sometimes some companies ask for minimum qualification tenth pass to do this job. In this work, you just have to transport any item or material from one place to another just like the demand for food delivery is increasing fast nowadays, for which you get a good salary. Hence it also becomes a golden option after the tenth.

People also ask

Q. What are the government exams after 10th?
Student those pass out 10th class that can find various government sectors Exam like Indian Army, Indian Navy, Railways, Coast Guard, SSC, UPSC, RPF, Banking, Police Department, Delhi Police, UP Police, Government Ministry Departments.

Q. What are the government jobs list?
Some government jobs lists are Air Force, Army and Navy, ITBP, Police Constables, RRB, Forest department, Postal Department, Bank Jobs, and Anganwadi, etc. 

Q. Can 10th pass apply for Air Force?
Yes, 10th pass applies for Air Force. In the D/trade/group if you build a career in Indian Air Force (IAF) then 10th pass students may apply for this D-group.
And for recruitment in Air Force 12th passed students, Diploma holders, and Bachelor's Degree holders. Must be passed along with PCM subject i.e. Physics Chemistry Maths Subject in your PASS 12th, You should have at least 50% marks in 12th, the candidate must be physically fit

Q. How do I apply for a government job online?
Candidates can fill on-line application form with a lot of confidence. ...
Read all instructions. ...
Fill Choose category. ...
Fill Personal detail. ...
Fill all columns. ...
Fill Valid email ID. ...
Fill correct your personal details. ...
Scanning Your clear signature and Photograph.

10वीं पास के लिए नौकरी | Age 18 to 28 | Salary 12,600 | Sarkari Naukri

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